Choose one of these four songs to write your story on. 

5th Grade Fantasia Style Project.
To help see how music can influence art and literature, we are going to do our own story writing.  Mr. Taylor has selected 4 pieces of music which can be found on the website, under specialist, music.  You will select one song from this list to download at home.  Once you have made your selection you will need to do the following. 
  1.  Listen to the song beginning to end without any distractions.  Put on earphones or ear buds, close your eyes and just listen. 
  2. The next day or later that week, Listen to your song again, have a note book, and start to write things that you see as you listen to it.  Start to see if any of your images are related. 
  3. Listen to the song, Start sketching your story line out.  Be as descriptive as you want.  Let your story go where the music takes you. 
  4. Listen to the song, Revise your story, make additions, take things out
  5. Listen to the song.  Prepare your final version of your story. Write  it neatly or type it your choice.  Name your story. 
Turn your story into Mr. Taylor Between March 8th and  March 10th 2016.  


 5th GRADE STORY SONGS File Type View File Download File
Song #1
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SOng #2
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Song #3
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Song 4
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