Seventh Grade-
Seventh grade students will explore the world of music with a big stop in Latin America.  They will learn the dance rhythms, salsa, basa nova, Meringue, rhumba, and cha-cha. They will form a Samba grove and perform in class.  Focus will also be put on the Christmas production.   In the spring, they will spend time in an extended guitar unit.  Through Active Listening, we will also explore modern music and make comparisons to the past and how music is always evolving. Rhythm Cups will be used to reinforce ideas that were taught in previous years.
Eighth Grade- 
Eighth grade students will explore the business of music.  They will find out what it takes to make a record, what the legal issues are, who is involved in the  process, and meet actual professional recording artists from the Metro area.   Focus will also be on the Christmas production.  In the spring, we will also be doing a guitar unit as well as working with Grammys in the schools on a project based learning about how the iconic world of awards work.  Listening and critiquing various genera’s of music will also part of the class. Advance rhythm exploration using rhythm cups will also be used.