St. John's Preschool

Our Preschool Program includes the following:


When children string beads, play with peg boards, solve puzzles and play directed games they are challenging their minds!  Our students learn important skills including patterning & matching, 
number/counting, letter, shape and color concepts as well.
  All of these skills are important for developing strong math and literacy skills.

Religion helps children to learn about God and His immense love for them.  They learn prayers that are said at the beginning and end of the day as well as before snack.  Religion is integrated throughout the day through social interactions and lessons on how to treat one another, Bible stories, and lives of the saints.  Through science and religion the children can appreciate God's gift of creation and the world around us.
Learning Centers:
Centers provide learning opportunities about the world around us and how all things work together.  Centers include sensory materials, blocks, housekeeping/dramatic play, writing, reading, tub toys, quiet corner and creative centers.  These creative areas might include ice fishing, pet store, beach, post office or grocery store to name just a few.

We use the Handwriting Without Tears program to teach the proper formation of letters.  This developmentally appropriate curriculum offers a multi-sensory approach to handwriting.  Children are able to build letters with wood pieces, roll out play dough letters, and write with a variety of utensils (chalk, crayon, pencil, markers, etc).  In preschool, we focus on the uppercase letters while laying the foundations for writing the lowercase letters.  The Handwriting Without Tears program is also used throughout the Mounds View School District and in the primary grades at St. John's. 

Splash into Pre-K is our Houghton Mifflin early learning program designed through comprehensive lessons that allow children to explore and learn at many different levels.  All curricular areas are utilized including Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health and Art in daily instruction. Our staff was trained in this curriculum in 2015.

Phonetic Awareness is a Pre-Kindergarten curriculum taught in the Mounds View School District. It is a 35-week lesson planned curriculum focusing on scope and sequencing of syllables and letter sounds and recognition.  
The process of creating art allows children opportunities for self-expression, creativity, perceptual awareness, and spatial awareness.  They learn colors and shapes through a variety of media.

Music teaches children about rhythm, sound, different cultures, creative expression and feelings.  There is daily music with opportunities to use rhythm instruments, sing and dance, and even occasional musical visitors.

Large Motor:
Physical activities are important in teaching self-confidence, coordination and balance.  Building upper body strength helps to develop the muscles and control needed for successful handwriting skills.  Weather permitting, children go outside to the playground or neighboring park.  There are visits to our preschool muscle room and cafeteria climbing wall to use large muscle equipment.  Through these activities, children learn cooperation, teamwork, and they develop problem solving skills.
Snack Time:
Children learn about nutrition, food groups, and measurement concepts.  They also practice their counting, sorting, and patterning skills.  Snack time gives the children an opportunity to learn to take turns, use manners, and socialize positively with others.

Circle Time:
This time teaches the children listening skills, idea sharing, taking turns, vocabulary, cooperation and consideration for others.  It includes songs, stories, calendar, weather, sharing, discussion of daily events and group games.