Fabulous 15
Each week you will have 15 vocabulary words to learn called the Fabulous 15. These are words that we will be using throughout the week in Social Studies, Language Arts and Religion.  Thus, knowing your vocabulary words will help you in your other subjects as well. On Friday you will have a quiz on these words.  To help you learn them you get to choose one of the following three activities:

1.            Make a puppet show using 5 of the Fabulous 15 words with correct context clues for each word.

2.            Create a commercial selling anything you wish using 5 of the Fabulous 15 words with correct context clues for each word.

3.            Writing a short story that uses 5 Fabulous 15 words with correct context clues and has a logical flow to the story.

This project will be due Friday.  Some weeks we may have the opportunity to share our projects with our 2nd grade prayer partners.  I am looking forward to seeing all of your creative and thoughtful work!
  1. Fossil- something (such as a leaf, skeleton, or footprint) that is from a plant or animal which lived in ancient times and that you can see in some rocks.
  1. Carnivore- an animal that eats meat.
  1. Herbivore-an animal that only eats plants.
  1. Mammoth- type of large, hairy elephant that lived in ancient times and that had very long tusks that curved upward.        
- something that is very large
Ex:) The little business she started by herself has now become a mammoth [=giant] in the industry.
  1. Parable- A story with a hidden meaning…like a puzzle.  Our job is to figure out what Jesus is trying to tell us in a parable (mustard seed, pearl of great price, prodigal son, seed and the soil, Good Shepherd etc.).
  1. Adjective-word that describes a noun or a pronoun.                
Ex.) The words blue in “the blue car,” deep in “the water is deep,” and tired in “I'm very tired” are adjectives.
  1. Noun-is a person, place or thing.
  1. Pronoun- a word (such as I, he, she, you, it, we, or they) that is used instead of a noun.
  1. Permeate- to pass or spread through (something)       
Ex: The water permeated the sand.
Ex: The smell of baking bread permeated the kitchen.
Ex: A feeling of anxiety permeated the office as we rushed to meet the deadline.
  1. Coniferous- a bush or tree (such as a pine) that produces cones and that usually has leaves that are green all year.
  1. Deciduous- having leaves that fall off every year.
  1. Paleontology- the science that deals with the fossils of animals and plants that lived very long ago especially in the time of dinosaurs.
  1. Archeology- a science that deals with past human life and activities by studying the bones, tools, etc., of ancient people.
  1. Autobiography -a biography written by the person it is about.
  1. Stanza- a group of lines in a poem.