Welcome letter
J-Care Parents/Guardians:
We would like to officially welcome all parents, guardians, and children to J-Care!  Our J-Care team is made up of one Program Director and multiple Program Staff.  We are here to make sure your children are safe, engaged, active, comfortable and having a great experience. 
There are several items of business that we would like to highlight:
If your child attends in the morning:
  • Each child MUST be signed in (mornings) and out (afternoons).
  • If your child is on a “Varied Schedule” we are requesting that a Varied Schedule form be filled out and turned in as far in advance as possible. Forms can be found on the parent table. 
  • There is a non-refundable $25.00 registration fee that is applied the third time your child attends J-Care.  This fee will show up on your J-Care bill.
  • J-Care bills will be distributed in the mail slots (located on the wall on the right side of the parent table), the first Tuesday of each month. 
If your child attends in the afternoon:
  • You must provide J-Care with a SET SCHEDULE or, if you are on a VARIED SCHEDULE, you MUST provide J-Care with a varied schedule forms (located on the parent table).
  • If your child is scheduled to attend an afternoon session and does not show up, you will be charged a $10.00 finder’s fee (if no prior communication is made with a J-Care staff).  J-Care staff will call all numbers listed until we reach a live voice, to make sure your child is safe and where he/she needs to be. 
  • If your child shows up at J-Care and we have no prior notification of him/her attending, a J-Care staff member will contact parents/guardians or an emergency contact until we reach a live voice.  A $10.00 finder’s fee will be assessed as well as the normal session charge. 
  • ANY afternoon schedule changes MUST be communicated to a J-Care staff member before 3:00pm.  Calling the office, calling a teacher, or having a note to a teacher WILL NOT be accepted. 
  • J-CARE MUST BE NOTIFIED.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is for the safety of your child. 
Again, we are excited to serve you and your children this year!  Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns! 
Alison Wacek (J-Care Director) and the J-Care Staff