Links/ Enlaces
Here are some links to other useful websites.
Cuentame 7th & 6th grades
7th graders will find the quizlet links here
Pobre Ana
8th grade Quizlet
Vacation unit links - Paso 7

Hola Ninos familia, plus age, plus run, walk, pencil and more

4th grade la familia quizlet

Rutina Diaria
Quizlet for Rutina Diaria y "A que hora?" at what tie

4th Grade VIDEO counting by 10s song

4th Grade-Time Practice
La hora - Set the time, then try to say it in Spanish. Click start to check your answer. 

4th Grade Time Info & Games
This one has explains the things you need to know this unit and has games for practice. Try it out!

4th Grade Counting by tens
Play Scatter to practice your numbers up to 100 by 10s

4th Grade Time Vocabulary
Practice the time vocabulary. Flip and repeat the words, then play "Scatter."

4th Grade VIDEO counting by 10s rap

4th Grade CUENTA VIDEO numbers 1-30

4th Grade Un Dos Tres Que Hora Es VIDEO

5th clothing PLUS 2nd set of Flashcards
This includes hace la maleta, hace frio, tiene frio etc.

5th Grade El Cuerpo body practice
Tip: To practice the body vocabulary, flip through the flashcards, listen and repeat the words. Play "Scatter." Finally, test yourself on a "multiple choice" test to see how well you know them

5th grade la ropa quizlet (clothing)

6th grade- Shopping Quizlet set
First go through the flashcards, then play scatter, then take a test!

Do re mi Spanish Pronoun Song
Learn your pronouns!!

6th Grade Cuentame 1

ar verb endings, which pronoun they go with practice
If you have a tough time remembering what ending goes with each pronoun, practice them with this set.

Learn Spanish Online Conjugation Practice Game
Click "present" tense. You can then elect a listing of verbs to practice conjugating.

Spaleon - Spanish Verb Conjugation Practice
This site helps you practice conjugations of regular and irregular verbs.

Ordinal number games

Language Guide Grammar
You can go here to practice different groups of verbs such as:
-Present tense regular ar, er and ir verbs.
-Stem changers(boot verbs): like e > ie or o > ue
-Miscellaneous irregulars (like ser, tener, poner etc)
Elect the type of verb you want to practice. It will give you the group of verbs and show how they are conjugated. You will need to click "PRACTICE" at the bottom to quiz yourself on them.

Language Guide Vocabulary
You can go to this site to learn vocabulary by theme.

Senor Wooly
This is a website created by Middle School Teacher, Senor Woolridge. I show some of his videos in class. You can see some of the free content, like the "Billy La Bufanda" and "Puedo Ir al Bano" video without a password. To access the rest of the site you must ask me for the student login in class or request from me it by e-mail.

Study Spanish
You can click on the "grammar" section and practice any of the topics we have been learning. Then you can take quizzes. You may also set up a free account so you can save your scores. Note that if you go to quizzes or set up a free account, the first level quizzes are available to you. You need a up a paid account to do what the site calls "tests." It is not necessary for you to have a paid account to get a lot pf practice out of this site. It is a great site for adults learning Spanish or those who would like to brush up on grammar. There is also a "vocabulary" section where you can listen to audio flashcards.

Links to 4th-8th grade content
Note: This link will bring you to my webpage at St. Jude of the Lake. (where I also teach) There are videos about "la familia" and conjugation. There are also many links to Quizlet for practicing chapter vocabulary.