Students in Kindergarten will being exploring music through listening, singing, and moving.  Students will sing and learn how to use their voices.  Through movement, singing and playing instruments, students will learn about beat and tempo in music and learn to keep the beat.  Students will also engage in musical stories to learn about sounds, differentiate high and low, and learn about music around them.
First Grade- 
Students in first grade will continue to learn about music through listening, singing, and moving.  Students will continue to sing and learn new songs for church.  Students will also continue playing rhythm instruments and being working with Orff keyboard instruments.  Beginning to learn about musical symbols and learning to read simple rhythms will also happen in first grade.  Students will listen to a wide variety of music with special units on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and Saint-Saens’s Carnival of the Animals.
Second Grade-
Students in second grade will continue learning musical signs and symbols, including more rhythms and reading notes on the staff.  Students will also learn about the instruments of the orchestra through demonstrations and works such as Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.  Students will continue working with Orff instruments and create individual musical works.

Third Grade- In third grade, students will work on singing partner songs and songs with two parts.  Students will learn about classical music composers and learn about genres such as tone poems and descriptive instrumental music, such as Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony.  Third grade students will also expand their instrumental playing to include recorders. 
Fourth Grade:
In fourth grade, students have the opportunity to join band. Playing a musical instrument in an ensemble setting allows a child to develop cognitive and social skills that will benefit him/her into adulthood. In fourth grade general music, students continue their vocal development with rounds and partner songs. They learn more complex accompaniments on classroom instruments and develop an increased vocabulary of musical terms. Students continue learning movement and composing short rhythms and melodies.  
 Fifth Grade- 
In fifth grade, students will continue to sing and experience music in a variety of ways.  Creativity will continue to be enforced through composition and exploration.  Students will look at music of different cultures, including Mariachi.  Handbells may also be a part of fifth grade curriculum.
 Sixth Grade- 
Sixth grade students will work on a variety of different projects that are the culminating experiences for the K-6 music curriculum.  Students will learn about and experience drumming from a variety of world cultures.  Students will learn about the genre of musical theatre and the American musical and compose and perform their own short musical.  Students will also learn about the construction of musical instruments and then construct their own.