Dear 5th grader,
          I am excited to introduce to you a wonderful partnership to feed minds and stomachs called SJB Read to Feed!  As you know St. John’s has a food shelf that is continuously in need due to the many people that frequent it to feed their families.  You will have an opportunity to put food on the table for those families this year and make a BIG difference in their lives.  You can do this by reading. Reading? Yes, through reading!
          First, look at the reading goals listed.  Once you have met a goal, fill out the correct information on your goal sheet.  One book per goal is allowed and you may only count one goal category per month.  At the end of each month I will collect your goal sheets.  I will inform our generous donors what food items you selected to donate and they will do the shopping for us.  I will bring the food to school for us to put in grocery bags and bring to the food shelf. 
          If by May as a grade you have completed 1000 reading goals I will treat you to an ice cream party to celebrate your achievement!  Every additional 200 goals met will earn you a topping to add to your delicious bowl of ice cream.  To join in the eating please have a minimum of 4 reading goals met per month. 
          Next to the door to room 109 we have a bulletin board about SJB Read to Feed with pictures of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.  We will learn more about him later in the school year.  He was a man who loved to mountain climb, go to Mass, laugh with his friends and serve those in need.  Let us ask for his intercession as we embark on this adventure together.  When you see him at the top of the mountain that means as a grade we have reached our goal. 
Sincerely In Christ,
Miss Burrill

“Verso l’alto” (toward the top)-Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati