School Counselor Mrs. Sara Belleau

I love children, and as a Licensed Professional Counselor it is a privilege to work with
all kinds of kids and their families at SJB. I work collaboratively with parents and
teachers to provide a supportive environment for kids to grow personally, socially and
academically. It is a very gratifying experience for me to be able to encourage and
support students as they mature to become happy and self-confident people in all area
of their lives.

Each child is unique, and I am available to meet with them individually to discuss any
concern they may have. I am also happy to work in small groups for interpersonal
work, and in a classroom setting to work with special topics.

For additional resources and information on parenting topics, you can visit the the
web site of our school psychologist Dr. Steven Kahn at

I am at SJB every Thursday. Students, parents, and teachers can feel free to contact me
about student concerns.

Contact: Sara Belleau